Erebuni airbase


Russia sent 13 MiG-29 fighters to Armenia

At least 13 fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces have been spotted at an airbase in Armenia.

The Russian Aerospace Forces transferred at least 13 MiG-29 fighters to the territory of Armenia, as evidenced by satellite images of the Erebuni military airbase. We are talking specifically about Russian combat aircraft, since officially the MiG-29 fighters are not in service with the Armenian Air Force.

The satellite image, dated at the beginning of this year, shows 13 MiG-29 fighters parked in the open air. The purpose of the appearance here of such a large number of combat aircraft is unknown, however, among other things, another 13 military helicopters got on the satellite image, which indicates the rather large potential of this military airfield. The ownership of the rotary-wing aircraft has not been established, however, it is likely that they are also Russian.

It should be noted that despite the presence of Russian military forces on the territory of Armenia, Moscow prefers not to interfere in the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, nevertheless making efforts to resolve the conflict through diplomatic means, however, taking into account the intervention of Turkey and open strikes on the territory of Armenia, Russia may well reconsider its position on this issue, especially since Armenia is a member state of the CSTO.

and when the Turks shot down the su-24 RF, Th didn’t compare the land to Turkey?))) The spirit was not enough?

The Azerbaijani Air Force has 15 MiG-29 and 19 Su-25 aircraft, 38 Mi-24 helicopters, as well as many drones.

Even Wikipedia has an article "Azerbaijan Air Force".

Azerbaijan has no aviation, Armenia has 4 SU-30s, which are newer than these 29s that Russia has deployed. And did the air defense greatly help from the released tactical weapons, "Scud" for example? Nothing was intercepted by the air defense, everything flew through the cities 1 missile minus 20 houses.

Did you dream about it ??? Everything is just beginning.

Think before you say. Azerbaijan does not need Karabakh and its current status (before the outbreak of hostilities) was quite satisfactory. The fighting was started by the Turks, and if it had not been for them, Azerbaijan would not have started any military operations. This is a rather risky step for your current government.

If necessary, Russia will level the ground with Turkey and any other country, if it deems it necessary, neither Armenia nor the Donbass, Russia will not be offended, and all the rest sold to the West, like a jackal from Mowgli with the phrase “and we will go north, and we will go north ”, standing behind Turkey and the West.


You have already been explained to the Russians a hundred times in white that the CSTO will not give a ride here and the Russians will not die for you. No, you are like rams again for your ...

Officially, the Russian base in Gyumri has MiG-29 fighters, Mi-24 attack helicopters, and Mi-8MT transport helicopters.
Why is the author surprised?

In the picture, the 13th is standing at the hangar ...

The border is closed to Russia as she moved them

1.MIG-29 have been in Armenia for a long time
2. They don't even dare to approach Azerbaijan - the air defense will simply destroy everyone
3. Azerbaijan's aviation is much more powerful. If these terrorists try, they will see Azerbaijani aviation in Yerevan

ARMENIA LOST THE WAR! It's time to put up with this and it is not too late to leave Karabakh alive! Otherwise, you will be left without an army at all!

These are rubber, inflatable products, they were not thrown over, they were simply inflated

13th near the hangar for maintenance

News. Russia has sent fighters to Armenia. They were registered at the Russian airbase earlier this year. Earlier this year, Karl. This is news, Karl.

And on Yandex maps there are 15 of them (coordinates 40.125293, 44.472705). Did you move two more while you were writing the article? Or they teleported back to Russia ??? Or maybe they were on a combat mission when you took pictures from the satellite?

So to our base? What is the problem?..

maybe it is necessary to write, Russia has deployed 12 fighters, and the 13th will arrive soon? there are 12 of them and parking for one place

They were always there. 13 this is not much