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Russia transferred 76th airborne assault division from Pskov to Crimea

Russia deployed the 76th airborne assault division to defend Crimea.

The situation on the border between Russia and Ukraine turned out to be so tense that the Russian defense department was forced to transfer an entire 76th airborne assault division from Pskov to Crimea. This unit is currently protecting the Russian border from a possible invasion from Ukraine.

According to the data at the disposal of the information and news resource Avia.pro, in Crimea at the moment, almost all military units deployed here since the end of last month and deployed here on a permanent basis are put on high alert, while there is still unconfirmed data that Russia carries out border patrols using fighter aircraft and helicopters.

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In the images presented, you can see that several echelons with equipment and servicemen really arrived from Pskov to Crimea. It is also reported about the transfer of several Il-76s with personnel from Pskov.

At the moment, there are no official comments from the Russian defense department on this score, however, experts draw attention to the fact that we are definitely talking about an escalation of the situation.

Let's join us in Crimea

This is an absolutely correct remark. There is no need to transfer the Pskov division to the Crimea. It already occupies the correct territorial position in the structure of the troops. There cannot even be a question of rotation. Feodosia will have its own territorial structure of the Airborne Forces. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation explained this in detail. And everything else is speculation and stuffing.

What is the point of transferring the 76th Airborne Forces Division from Pskov to the Crimea, driving trains and planes through the whole country, when there is 7 Airborne Assault Forces (mountain) near Novorossiysk, one of its battalions, converted into 56 Airborne Forces, in general in Feodossiya. And in the Southern Military District, there are more than enough divisions and brigades in the armies of the second echelon (58 and 49 OA) in the North Caucasus, which in a very short time can be transferred to the Crimea. 8 OA YuVO was initially imprisoned under the Ukrainian threat to the Rostov region.

No one and no where did not transfer us, we are sitting at home in Pskov.

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sort of reported about the 56th brigade