Russia airlifted four Su-35 fighters to Syria after threats from Turkey

Following threats from Turkey, Russia deployed four Su-35 fighters to Syria.

After Turkey began to threaten that the offensive military operation in Syria will become the largest among those conducted by the Turkish army and Ankara does not intend to reckon with the Syrian allies, obviously meaning Russia and Iran, it became known that at least four Russian fighter Su-35 were transferred to Syria. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the combat aircraft were deployed not at the Khmeimim airbase, but at the Kamyshli airbase, although this military airfield had never been used by the Russian military to deploy fighters and bombers.

In the presented photograph, as the source specifies, one of the four Russian Su-35 fighters that arrived at the Kamyshly airbase can be seen. The purpose of the appearance of the latter in Syria remains unknown, however, experts believe that Russian combat aircraft will protect the Syrian borders from attacks by Turkish military aircraft and drones.

“Experience has shown that without air support, the Turkish army suffers losses very quickly. Even ifand the Turks will want to use a large number of F-16 fighters to attack Kurdish formations and Syrian troops, a group of several Russian Su-35s will be able to kill all opponents in just a few minutes ", - emphasizes the specialist

Notable is the fact that Ankara has already begun to threaten to strike at targets in northern Syria, where Russian troops have been spotted and Russian state flags raised.

It will be necessary - they will deliver 44.

4 pieces are nothing at all. At least 44 is needed and that is not enough to communicate with Turkey.

What is the effectiveness of Bayraktarov, if even on the video, it is clearly visible how the calculation of the howitzer after the explosion scattered to the sides? This is a firecracker no more, if in order to defeat manpower, it is necessary to make a direct hit into this force. Guys, they will clean that howitzer and continue to use it.

Turkey can use the S-400 only over its own territory.

What are you hinting at?

Soon, in reality, we will find out the effectiveness of the c400 sold to Turkey