Russia has deployed additional air defense assets to Syria, awaiting Turkish attack

Additional air defense systems are deployed at the Russian airbase in Kamyshly.

Preparing for Turkey's attack on northern Syria, Russia has deployed additional air defense and armored vehicles to this region of the Arab Republic, as evidenced by new satellite images that appeared several hours ago.

On the satellite images presented, one can see that military equipment - Typhoon armored vehicles and army trucks that arrived here a few days ago - are located in the eastern parking lot of the Russian military airbase. Moreover, in the northern part of the runway, you can see a caponier with an air defense complex located there (presumably the Tor air defense missile system or the ZRPK "Pantsir-S").

On the satellite images presented, you can see that the caponier was opened on January 9, however, according to information on January 24, there is already a disguised air defense system, designed, allegedly, to repel the likely attacks of Turkey and the militants supported by this country.

Experts draw attention to the fact that recently at least two Russian military transport aircraft arrived at the Kamyshly airbase, delivering here Russian military personnel, armored vehicles, and, probably, additional air defense means.

Especially for the Turkish Bayraktars they brought them up - now they will frolic heartily!

if the shells and tori, you can be calm, the fly will not fly by !!!! (except TV-2)