Russia has transferred more military personnel, armored vehicles and weapons to Syria

Syria and Russia are preparing for a powerful confrontation with Turkey.

Despite the currently observed lull in the north of the Arab republic, it became known that another Russian military transport aircraft Il-76 arrived at the Russian military airbase located in the south of the city of Kamyshly, delivering military personnel, armored vehicles and weapons here. This is far from the first aircraft to have arrived in northern Syria in recent days, which indicates the fact that Russia has information about the impending powerful confrontation with Turkey and the militants under its control.

In the presented video frames, you can see how another Il-76 board landed at the Russian Aerospace Forces airbase in Kamyshly. However, the command of the Russian military group in Syria does not provide any details on this score. in recent weeks, Russia has increased the presence of its forces in northern Syria several times - the Russian grouping in the Ain Issa area alone has already reached about 800 troops.

Experts note that if Turkey attempts to launch an offensive in the northern part of Syria, the militants will instantly suffer very large losses - their total number in this region is about 3-5 thousand people, however, the superiority in force is on the side of Russia and Syria, which does not exclude the possibility that any provocation could lead to the fact that Russian and Syrian troops can completely defeat the jihadists in this part of the Arab Republic and take control of the border with Turkey.