Russia sent two dozen tanks to Syria

Russia continues to pull tanks into Syria.

Russia continues to transfer heavy tanks and other weapons to Syria. Information about this is provided by the Al-Masdar News information publication, referring to the Saratov large landing ship (BDK) seen by the Bosphorus passing, on board of which there can be up to 20 tanks and other equipment, not to mention tons of ammunition.

“This week, a heavy Russian ship was photographed on its way to Syria to help re-equip the Syrian armed forces. According to a marine observer, Yoruk Isik, the Russian ship of Project 1171 of the Navy of the Russian Navy was seen following transit through the Bosphorus Strait towards the eastern Mediterranean. As Isik points out, the Russian ship passed through the Bosphorus, which connects the Black and Mediterranean Seas, and headed for the port of Tartus in western Syria. It is believed that a Russian ship is transporting tanks and other armored vehicles for arming the Syrian armed forces. This supply is most likely connected with the Turkish military attack in early March, as a result of which several units of armored vehicles and weapons were destroyed in the arsenal of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). It was believed that as a result of the two-day attack by the Turkish armed forces, dozens of vehicles of the Syrian army were destroyed and several soldiers were killed and wounded. ”, - reports the Arabic edition of AMN.

At the moment, neither the Russian nor the Syrian sides have confirmed the information about the transfer of tanks to Syria, however, it is quite noteworthy that a few days ago Russia sent MiG-29 fighters to Syria, transferring them to the Syrian Air Force.

What kind of heavy tanks of the Russian Federation? And what kind of heavy ship? All ships are not very light.

Chatter among the Israeli military and the press is commonplace. Is anyone telling the truth? Why embrace yourself. So they make up what brave guys they are.

We send tanks to Syria and America who wins ??? America wins ATGMs cost much less than tanks.