Military in Syria


Russia has transferred several hundred more troops to Syria, preparing for a powerful confrontation with Turkey

Russia was forced to transfer several hundred more of its troops to Syria.

Russia has transferred several hundred additional Russian military personnel to Syria. According to the Russian information publication "", the Russian military contingent was specially transferred to Syria from Russia to strengthen observation posts in the north of the Arab Republic, moreover, given the December strengthening of the Russian military in the area of ​​the city of Ain Issa, and here, according to some sources, From 300 to 500 troops were deployed, Russia is preparing for a powerful confrontation with Turkey.

“About 300 Russian military personnel were sent to the Syrian province of Haseke to strengthen observation posts jointly with government forces. This was announced by the senior of the joint Russian-Syrian observation post, Major Dmitry Suntsov. As Suntsov explained, the main task of the military is to help de-escalate the conflict in the region. "Our servicemen are monitoring the observance of the ceasefire, and also provide all kinds of assistance to the local population," he said "- it is said in the message.

Today, Turkish-backed militants are openly violating all agreements between Moscow and Ankara, and, given the transfer of several dozen tanks and artillery weapons to Syria, Ankara can at any time launch a new military operation in this region, which neither Moscow nor Damascus intend admit, preparing for a powerful confrontation with Turkey and the jihadists.