Su-30CM fighters


Russia will transfer its Su-30CM fighters to the air base in Armenia

Russian pilots from the airbase in Armenia will transfer to Su-30CM.

The TASS news agency, citing a source in the Russian Defense Ministry, reported that the Russian military bases in Armenia will be re-equipped with more modern aircraft.

The Russian 3624 Air Base (Erebuni airfield, Armenia) will receive a multi-purpose Su-30CM fighter (generation - 4 ++). They will replace the armed MiG-29 fighters. Replaced are all 18 machines on the base.

The refitting process on the Su-30CM will be launched in 2020 year. It will pass in two stages. Initially, as soon as the first new fighters arrive at the base, part of the pilots will be sent to the Lipetsk aviation center for retraining. The remaining pilots will continue service on the MiG-29. After the first batch of pilots returns after study, the second part of the pilots will be sent to Lipetsk.

The Su-30CM base will arrive in 2020 year. The second batch of these aircraft will arrive in 2021 year.

What will happen to the 18 th fighters MiG-29, which will be removed from the arsenal of the air base, is not yet known. Probably, the cars will have to be upgraded, and then they can be sold in any of the countries of Asia or Africa.