Combat aircraft


Russia handed over to Syria the most powerful fighters in the entire Middle East

The Syrian Air Force is becoming one of the strongest in the Middle East.

If a few years ago Syria could not openly resist the raids of Turkey, the United States and Israel, then today, having re-equipped with Russian MiG-29 fighters, Syria has left far behind the countries of the region that continue to use American-made F-15 and F-16 fighters. Experts drew attention to the fact that with the arrival of Russian MiG-29SMT fighters in the Syrian Air Force's arsenal, foreign combat aircraft suddenly stopped entering Syrian airspace, at least in those regions controlled by the CAA.

Experts assure that if necessary. The Syrian Air Force can openly confront IDF aircraft - the only exception is, perhaps, F-35 fighters, since the MiG-29SMT version surpasses all other combat aircraft in service with Israel.

Nevertheless, experts note that in the near future the Syrian Air Force may well receive light MiG-35 fighters, which will further increase the defense capability of the Arab Republic, especially since earlier sources in the country's defense industry claimed that the Syrian side was really interested in Russian fighters MiG-35.

Well, that's why the IDF is so nervous.

In fact, we have more tanks than the USA and NATO combined ... Less than in the USSR: 60 versus today's 000, but still. In the same seal, only 20 units out of 000, which they had earlier, are now in service. I don't remember exactly about the planes, but they are quite enough and they are constantly replenished with new / modernized ones.

Get your brains back, no one canceled pensions.

It is better to return the pensions stolen from us. They supply planes.

I hope we gave them to them. Syria is in decline after a war that still hasn't ended.

Glory to Russian weapons throughout the ages, God save Russia!

Today, aircraft can be destroyed right at the airfields, the range of weapons allows. And in those places the density of borders is such that you can sometimes get it with artillery. So whoever shoots first won. In the meantime, Israel is the first to shoot. Constantly fires missiles at Syria. But even Syria can give up nerves and cover the airdromes of Israel, even F35 will not help.

Yes, a few! Again, "brotherly" help., At our expense ..

This is a gift from the wealthy Russian people.

I guess that's the same as Israel "paid" for the F35

No weapon will ever help the Arabs in the war with Israel. They will always lose. intelligence and courage - where will they get it?

How much did ATS pay for the planes?

You can have a million fighters, but where do you get the courage and courage? Russians have it in their blood

If you don't know. Then Russia has more tanks than the entire NATO bloc.

I will add that the Israelis have repeatedly demonstrated superiority in tactics. At the first opportunity they will destroy these aircraft, which will not even have time to take off. Get weapons and be able to use them are different things.

"Experts drew attention to the fact that with the advent of the Syrian Air Force Russian MiG-29SMT fighters"
Worthless specialists, because it was not the 29s that became the reason, but the fact that the c300 / c400 work)))))

Russia has a nuclear shield, Russia does not need to have a large number of aircraft.

arm and then get a knife in the back

The Israeli IDF Air Force is the largest and most efficient unit in the Middle East. In the event of a clash, it will demolish everyone in the region. Even 50 Syrian Air Force fighters are nothing for Israel.

What do you have against? Sofa expert.

We will rivet as much as necessary, but for NATO without money, not a single extra fighter can be expected


They need you, it's just that the policy of your elite benefits from your attention to distract someone, the blind and deaf are easy to control.

Airplanes are undergoing combat tests, while analyzing them we get combat experience.

Do you really think that it is necessary to "fight" with NATO / USA by planes ?! In the Russian Federation there will NEVER be as many planes as in NATO + USA (as well as other tanks). RF NOT USSR.

Fill your Air Force to the "teeth" with modern fighters first, then think about Syria, NATO and America are hatching plans to attack Russia.