Russia handed over new combat aircraft to the Syrian Air Force

The Syrian Air Force receives new Russian combat aircraft.

The Arab news publication "AMN" reports that against the background of deliveries of Russian armored vehicles to Syria, and a day earlier it became known that a large batch of BMP-1 combat vehicles had entered service with the SAA, in recent months, the Syrian Air Force also received new combat aircraft.

At the moment, it remains unknown which update of the Syrian Air Force is being discussed, however, experts express the opinion that several more MiG-29 fighters were transferred to the Syrian Arab Army, which will further strengthen the defense of the Arab Republic, while it is also possible that the and several attack helicopters. Nevertheless, some questions are raised by the statement about the transfer of exactly new aircraft.

“According to reports, the Syrian Arab Army received a new batch of BMP-1 armored personnel carriers, which were transferred to it by the RF Armed Forces. During the war, the Syrian Arab Army has modernized its military equipment, especially with regard to the armored vehicle arsenal. Many of these updates were made by Russian allies, who supported the CAA with new equipment such as T-90 tanks and new combat aircraft. "- сообщает Arabic edition "AMN".

Last year, Russia handed over to Syria several MiG-29 fighters and, according to some sources, two front-line Su-24 bombers, which, thereby, significantly strengthened the defense capability of the Syrian army.