UAV Hunter


Russia outsmarted the United States with its newest attack drone "Hunter" - Washington was not ready for this

The United States made a mistake that now threatens their defense with problems.

Until August 2019, the Russian S-70 Okhotnik multipurpose heavy attack unmanned aerial vehicle could not formally be armed with missiles capable of hitting targets at distances over 500 kilometers, however. after the United States announced its withdrawal from the INF Treaty, the unique Russian drone was able to carry medium and long-range tactical missiles, which, given the maximum flight range of the Hunter itself of 6 kilometers, exposes the US territory to attack.

Considering the fact that we are talking about a heavy unmanned aerial vehicle, experts note that the Hunter can indeed receive tactical missile weapons capable of delivering powerful strikes at distances of about 2-3 thousand kilometers, which significantly exceeds the capabilities of drones located on service in the US Air Force and Navy.

Remarkable is the fact that the Russian heavy attack drone S-70 Okhotnik made its first flight the day after the US left the INF Treaty, in fact, becoming a response to US actions, although it is obvious that Washington began to realize its mistake only now.