Russia blocked all approaches to Crimea


Russia blocked all approaches to Crimea and closed airspace off the coast of the peninsula

The Russian military blocked the approaches to Crimea and closed part of the airspace at altitudes up to 19 kilometers.

According to information obtained by the news agency, the Russian military has completely closed the approaches to the Crimean peninsula from the southwestern direction, where large-scale military exercises with the involvement of more than 20 warships are currently taking place. Moreover, in the area of ​​the peninsula, the airspace was also closed, while we are talking about the complete closure of flights at an altitude of 19 thousand meters.

“The exercise area of ​​the Russian Navy is completely closed for navigation. Also, from April 20 to April 24, Russia is introducing a flight restriction zone (up to echelon 610, which is about 19000 m) in most of the South Coast and the adjacent Black Sea waters. As I understand it, training launches of missiles of various classes are possible, ”the Russian Telegram channel“ Hunter's Notes ”, which monitors the military situation, reports.

Remarkable is the fact that the closure of the area southwest of the peninsula became known after at least two American missile destroyers moved in the direction of the Crimea from the Mediterranean Sea, which was previously reported by the information resource.

At the moment, there are no official comments from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation so far.

Closed the sky up to 19000m. It is wonderful.
But American reconnaissance drones fly there freely.
For example, the American reconnaissance drone FORTE10 TODAY 21.04.21/4/16000 passed at least XNUMX times at an altitude of XNUMXm in a closed sky.
Who are we blocking from?

This is all correct, but I did not understand one thing - if the area is closed, then why was the American drone allowed to fly in this zone with impunity? Why didn’t it have a sudden "breakdown"?

What are you proud of?

Ours are doing everything right! I am also proud of Russia!

Well done !!! I am proud !!!