Russia by the number of deaths from coronavirus has already overtaken China

In terms of the number of deaths due to coronavirus, Russia overtook China.

Today afternoon, in terms of the number of deaths from the coronavirus, Russia overtook China. So, according to the operational headquarters of Moscow on the situation with coronavirus, 4693 deaths were detected in the Russian Federation, while in China this figure is 4634 cases. This fact indicates an unfavorable situation, especially since China tests about 500 thousand people a day, while less than 11 million people have been tested in the Russian Federation since the pandemic began.

Given the current statistics, as well as the continued growth in the number of people infected with coronavirus, experts predict that by the middle of this week the number of deaths in the Russian Federation will reach 5 thousand people, and by the end of the week Russia will overtake the Netherlands by mortality, reaching 14- e place in the world.

It should be clarified that, days earlier, the infection rate among citizens of the Russian Federation again went beyond recession rates, which does not exclude the possibility that, in reality, a second and subsequent waves of coronavirus incidence are possible.

Today, Russia takes the 3rd place in the world in the prevalence of coronavirus, and 15th in the number of deaths.

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Still, the number of deaths would decrease! People with chronic diseases almost stopped receiving medical care. It is difficult to provide medicines; hospitals do not accept for planned operations and hospitalization. And their deaths will be attributed to the coronovirus !!!!