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Russia prepared unexpected deadly trap for NATO ships in the Black Sea

NATO ships are trapped in a Russian trap in the Black Sea.

The appearance in the Black Sea of ​​a large number of NATO ships and the regular conduct of military exercises aimed primarily against Russia, forced the Russian military to prepare a deadly trap for the ships of the North Atlantic Alliance, into which warships will immediately fall into if they try to go for a dangerous provocation, or, what else worse, they will take aggressive steps against Russia.

According to experts, today the Black Sea is under the full control of the Russian military. The airspace is completely controlled by radar stations. Air defense facilities cover the entire region, and the capabilities of Russian coastal missile systems are sufficient to destroy any naval enemy, and this without taking into account the fact that Russia can connect aircraft and navy.

“Judging even in the strictest way, today Russia can end any armed conflict in the Black Sea region in just 20-25 minutes. Any enemy aircraft and drones will be hit by the S-300, S-350 and S400 complexes; hostile ships will be destroyed by the Bastion and Bal ballistic missile systems, and if a counterattack is necessary, the aircraft and the fleet can destroy any country in the region. ", - said the analyst

As for the incident that occurred when a British warship invaded Russian territorial waters, experts believe that the Russian side deliberately did not go to the conflict, but took measures to protect its sovereignty.


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