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Russia will lift into the sky an updated version of the Okhotnik UAV

Russia is preparing to test an updated version of the Okhotnik strike drone.

The newest Russian strike multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle S-70 Okhotnik, after improving its design, will be tested by Russian aircraft manufacturers in the air over the next few months. As it became known to the news agency, the drone will be launched into the sky in the middle of this year. At the same time, apparently, we are talking about several different tests, including the use of various types of weapons.

As for the updated version of the S-70 Okhotnik heavy attack multi-purpose drone, its design has undergone very significant changes. In particular, the drone has become less visible to enemy air defense systems and radars, it has a flat nozzle, which makes the drone less vulnerable to detection by infrared sensors, and, in addition, some elements of the UAV design have been additionally adapted to perform flights.

According to some data, the first flight of the updated version of the S-70 Okhotnik UAV will take place in July, and if there are no problems with the tests, the UAV will continue to undergo other tests.

He flew, but this one has not yet.

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A few months will be different. Maybe he won't need it anymore.

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