Russia lifted a new heavy drone into the air. Video

A heavy reconnaissance drone was tested in Russia.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has successfully tested the Altius-U domestic heavy reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle, which has already been dubbed the lightweight version of the American intelligence drone RQ-4 Global Hawk. Despite the fact that the first drone flight lasted only 32 minutes, according to experts, at the end of next year, the drone can be adopted by the Russian army.

According to the information provided, in the framework of the test flight of the heavy UAV Altius-U, the drone was able to freely gain altitude of 800 meters and successfully complete the flight along a given route. Moreover, it is known that unmanned testing was carried out both under the control of operators and in fully automatic mode.

It should be clarified that with its weight in 6 tons, the Russian heavy drone Altius-U can fly up to 24 hours, while the drone is controlled via a satellite channel, which significantly extends the radius of its use.

Experts draw attention to the fact that this is the second Russian heavy drone tested since the beginning of the year.

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