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Russia confirms plans to deploy military bases in Cuba and Venezuela

Sergei Lavrov confirmed Russia's intention to deploy its troops in the "backyard" of the United States.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed his intentions to deploy a large grouping of Russian troops on the territory of such Latin American states as Venezuela and Cuba. According to Sergei Lavrov, at the moment there are no negotiations between these countries, however, Russia allows the deployment of its military and military infrastructure in Venezuela and Cuba "in response to NATO's expansion to the East." Given NATO's refusal to expand, Cuba and Venezuela may well receive Russian nuclear weapons, including this refers to the grouping of the Russian Navy and the strategic aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

“We will not be like the Americans who say, “You must remove troops from this part of your sovereign territory, otherwise we will announce sanctions against you. But this is just indecent. We will react to the real development of events", - Sergey Lavrov said, stressing that the deployment of Russian military bases in these countries could become a reality.

The United States, in turn, has already reacted to the statement of the Russian Foreign Minister about the likely deployment of Russian military in Cuba and Venezuela, noting that this will immediately receive a response from the United States.

"The United States will give a strong response if Russia moves towards the deployment of military force in Latin America", - said White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan, probably referring to the reciprocal deployment of US military bases and forces in Ukraine and the Black Sea.

At the moment, the situation in relations between Russia and NATO is very tense, since it was expected that within the framework of the meeting in Brussels, the Alliance would accept Russian conditions, however, NATO decided to go for a confrontation.

Such a variety of Russian diplomacy is simply obliged to present the variety of Russian weapons - all in the name of peace on Earth!

It is better to feed your own army than someone else's. When the amers attack us, you will no longer need any life, either good or bad. Only provocateurs and instigators can think there.

And I also believe in my President Putin

Well, it doesn't work yet. Even rocket engines are bought from Russia.

Maybe you yourself and consider Pug, but I do not. The Americans have never fought independently and honestly. They have a different mentality. To rake in the heat with the wrong hands. I believe in the president and our army.

Competing with the US and NATO is like a pug with an elephant. If she barks, she is brave and not afraid. At whose expense will the troops in Cuba and Venezuela be maintained. If at the expense of personal funds of the bunker inhabitant and circles, then so be it.

Even if there is, where will the amers of the second Kennedy get it?

you can put the question in a different way - will there be sensible heads in the leadership of America, so as not to bring the Russian Federation to the need to place these bases ... In those days, missiles were found and removed from Turkey. Ivan, why do you initially make the Russian Federation wrong in this situation? Or is the United States at our borders something else? ))))

Poseidons to Cuba, to Venezuela, a couple of airborne divisions to restore order after a giant tsunami.

There is always a way out, you just need to remove the fake crown from your head, otherwise it interferes with thinking. The war between the United States and Russia is necessarily nuclear, which is not acceptable (there will be no winners).

But they didn’t try to ask Cuba and Venezuela? Do they even know that they are simply targets for American missiles?

Seriously, did anyone expect NATO to accept Russian conditions?

We should not forget about Nicaragua, which, like Cuba and Venezuela, recognized Crimea as Russian and even opened its representative office there.

Lavrov simply answered the reporter's question. He didn't say "yes" or "no".

but that the Caribbean crisis, Khrushchev won there. He achieved what he wanted. Missiles were withdrawn from Turkey.

The deployment of missiles in Cuba was not a gamble, since it was a response to the deployment of missiles in Turkey. The result of this step, the mutual movement of missiles to national territories, we can say that the USSR solved the task.

Well, if this forces America and NATO countries to get away from the borders of the Russian Federation, then why not

On July 80.07.1959, 15, the United States launched the X-20 hypersonic aircraft. Do you seriously think that a country that launched a hypersonic aircraft in the middle of the 21th century cannot make a hypersonic missile in the XNUMXst century?

Can it still be better to improve the living conditions of its citizens? There were already bases and the country was stronger and it didn’t end well

Can you remind me in response to what actions of America the USSR decided to deploy missiles in Cuba?

And rightly so, the United States snickered with its position when everyone indulges them, feel their untouchability? Not! The United States is not alone on the planet and we must respect others!

Let's pray to Biden ..... maybe he will find the second Borya and we will feed the NATO armies. Because NATO is interested in peace only in the territorial sense.

So he now lives in the states. Kozyrev is his surname ...

The minister is bluffing. We have no money for such an enterprise.

So after all, Putin himself closed the military bases of Lourdes in Cuba and Cam Ranh in Vietnam! In 2004, he did not protest against the inclusion of seven countries in NATO, incl. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. What changed? It turns out that Putin's foreign policy, for which the Soviet economy and social base were sacrificed, has suffered a complete collapse! Who is personally responsible for such mistakes?

Actually it was different. When Kennedy asked what was the flight time for American missiles stationed in Turkey, he was told 19 minutes. And what is the time of the arrival of Russian missiles from Cuba to Washington, he was answered 19 minutes. Only after that did Kennedy decide to negotiate with the Russians. Ours removed the missiles from Cuba, the Americans from Turkey. Do not read today's experts! Khrushchev did a great job! At that time, it was necessary to shit Khrushchev in the USSR. Therefore, all the arrows were transferred to the USSR. But the UWB was the first to deploy nuclear weapons in Turkey. We had to react then, as we need to react now. Nowhere to go further

And who told you that our missiles were not there?

Do not be afraid. The fifth column is very strong in Russia. They will raise their hands and surrender all of Russia.

The missiles were eventually placed and it was a very strong strategic move, although they were not in the database for long

This "adventure" was an absolutely symmetrical response to the deployment of missiles in Turkey.

Good decision!

Will there be a Mikoyan in the modern Russian Foreign Ministry who saved Khrushev and the world from nuclear during the Caribbean Crisis ...

In the 60s, during the Caribbean crisis, even without being an employee of the Foreign Ministry, Mikoyan saved Khrushev and the world from a nuclear war, having strongly objected to the adventure with the deployment of missiles in Cuba, in our time the adventurer is even colder, but is there such a brave Mikoyan now?

Ah ..., I apologize for the question: "poor Donald Cook" will be sent to the Black Sea again, so that Putin is afraid, and Shaigu along with him? ... this is a rhetorical question, just for reference ...

Their "decisive response" on the American continent will give us a free hand for a similar response in Europe.

There will be a war, America has no other way, since they do not have hypersonic missiles. And if the war is delayed for another time, then our Russian army will become even stronger, which is not beneficial to the United States. America goes to the bank and runs the risk of losing everything and crumbling.

Do Cubans need it?

Why announce at all? Let them learn the fact from the spies.

I think the submarines are already in the backyard...

This is a warning to think about while preparing a response to all past negotiations.
No one will chew snot anymore
Ahead of the "Caribbean crisis"
But only the strong can give ultimatums
Draw conclusions

Super! I like!

Wash away the US tsunami. I believe that)))))))))))))

What Russia will do is our business and the business of other SOVEREIGN countries of the American continents. And for starters, they could be accepted into the CSTO.

Pre-demolish the Statue of Liberty as a first warning. This will be the beginning of a military-technical solution. So far, no other options are visible. It is unlikely that NATO will take retaliatory actions, as the pretty ones will go to the borders of 1997, since they do not need a war, but China is in an ambush.