VCS of Russia in Syria


Russia summed up the military operation in Syria

Russia summed up the military campaign in Syria

The chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov, at the Moscow Conference on International Security announced the end of the military phase of the conflict in Syria. Interfax news agency reports that Gerasimov stressed that the collapse of the country was prevented, its government forces control over most of the territory.

The Chief of the General Staff noted that during the operation, more than 1400 settlements that had previously been under the control of terrorists were vacated. Among them are such large ones as Aleppo, Palmyra, Deir-ez-Zor, Abu-Kemal, Dery, 8 oil and gas fields returned to the control of the government of the country. Several tens of thousands of terrorists eliminated. More than 42 thousands have surrendered. During the operation, about 700 tanks, 3500 guns and mortars were destroyed.

Gerasimov stressed that major military operations are no longer carried out in Syria. A political settlement of the conflict and reconciliation of the warring moans began.

The military operation in Syria was launched by Russia more than three years ago. By August 2018, the experience of warfare from Syria was gained by more than 63 by thousands of Russian servicemen. Among them are representatives of such military professions as pilots, sailors, engineers, signalmen, intelligence officers, military doctors. As reported in February 2019, more than 60 and percent of the military police personnel passed through Syria.

As follows from the data presented on October 2018 of the year, during the military operation in Syria, 112 of Russian servicemen were killed in the conflict zone. Moreover, half of this number - the victims of the crash of An-26 and IL-20. In February, 2019, the death of a Russian soldier - 24-year-old Maxim Pletnev was reported. During the March battle with the terrorists killed three more Russian soldiers.

The civil war in Syria has continued since the spring of 2011. The main participants in the conflict are military forces supporting President Bashar Assad; moderate opposition, terrorist groups.

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