Russia showed the superweapon used in Syria "so that the whole world knows"

The Russian military showed a "superweapon" in Syria, ready if anything to hit hard.

The Russian army did not begin to hide from the West its “superweapon” located in Syria and ready for instant use in case of the slightest threat to the Russian military or Russia's allies. The Russian weapons demonstrated are very versatile, as they are capable of repelling even large-scale air attacks and missile attacks, and delivering retaliatory attacks on enemy positions, with the most unfavorable consequences for the latter.

It’s not a secret to anyone that the Russian S-400 air defense systems are located in Syria, however, if the latter are used only in case of extremely aggressive actions, then the Pantsir air defense systems located in the territory of the Arab Republic have already repelled dozens of attacks of the so-called “moderate opposition”. If necessary, these complexes can easily repel large-scale missile strikes, and stop any attempts to get closer to the positions of the Russian military.

Nevertheless, with regard to weapons for an active confrontation with the enemy, for these purposes, the Iskander operational-tactical missile systems are located at the Khmeimim airbase. It is known that we are talking about at least two combat vehicles, however, given the need to provide adequate protection, experts believe that in reality, at least 5 Iskander complexes are located in Syria.

“These unique complexes are able to quickly suppress the enemy’s advance, repel an attack from the sea and strike a suppression over many hundreds of kilometers. For the Russian military, the Iskanders are indispensable, and for the enemy - a real "superweapon", which is not possible to repel a blow, ”the specialist notes.

Among other things. In Syria, there are also Russian Caliber cruise missiles deployed on warships and submarines at the Russian Navy base in Tartus. This weapon has already been actively used against jihadists and has proven itself, especially since launches can be made in a matter of minutes.

Russia does not conceal the presence of these weapons in Syria, which was repeatedly reported by representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense and made media publications, and it definitely has a psychological impact on any opponent who understands that, if necessary, Russia has something to protect itself

It seems that ours are not in Syria ... As the cart was there, it remained!