Russia showed destruction of Turkish Bayraktar TB2 with its new weapon, angered Ankara

The footage of the destruction of the Turkish drone "Bayraktar TB2" by the new Russian ultra-precise weapon has been published.

Russia greatly angered Ankara by showing footage of the destruction of the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicle with its new ultra-precise weapon - the Lancet kamikaze drone. The video was published simultaneously with the information that appeared that the Russian "Lancets" are capable of successfully hitting not only land and sea targets, but also to destroy aircraft, including enemy drones.

On the presented video frames, you can see the principle of operation of Russian drones against air targets, one of which was the Turkish attack and reconnaissance UAV "Bayraktar TB2". If a suspicious target is detected, the latter will be immediately attacked, which is shown in a demo video published on Russian television.

The real effectiveness of using such drones against enemy unmanned aerial vehicles remains unknown, however, Turkey was very angry at Russia's demonstration of the destruction of a Turkish drone by Russian Lancet UAVs, although Ankara made no official statements on this score.

I do not want controversy and I will believe if you answer how much the projectile for the 1938 model howitzer cost.

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Count the delivery of 500 lancets and a dozen catapults on a transport ship at once, plus ten trained operators. Pennies on the scale of war. Teach the economy.

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All drones are radio-controlled. This is what we need to work on. So far, no intelligent robots have been created; all of them are controlled by humans.

Nice cartoon. The Turks laugh.

If there were no official statements, how do you know about that. what made the Turks angry?
Did they tell you about it?

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Again. In fact, the Lancet is a "slow" cruise missile and is disposable. And hits the target at close range. This function is worth developing: put a small-caliber machine gun and "sew" targets from the same close distance. Moreover, these targets are long-winged and less maneuverable Lancet. We must move away from the "battering ram" method. This is not a squalid Navy. When the "swarm / flock" is created, then every "bee" will ram. And it will even be economically justified.

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It is not for nothing that a new plant is being built in Russia.

They laughed at the supersonic missiles and said "Putin's cartoon". Now they are tearing their hair, the missiles from the cartoon have been tested and entered service

The question is not about the price of the target being knocked down, but about what it can destroy and how much negative it can bring.
If someone else's drone breaks down some kind of equipment for hundreds of lamas or a contingent of soldiers, then there will be a completely different comparison "profitable / not profitable". To extinguish forests in Siberia was also "economically unprofitable", but it was necessary.

So, there were no statements from Turkey, but we believe that she was VERY angry! Who else is mad at us? ))))))

It depends on what the drone was going to attack, its target also costs money.

To lie not to roll bags? The cost of the Lancet is several times cheaper than the cost of a Krasnopol shot (60 thousand $) It will be cheaper in mass production. Cost of the Bayraktar complex (3 UAVs, control station, 70 missiles, spare parts, training) -34,5 million $ (at this price Ukraine purchased from)
Compare the weight, dimensions, to determine how many sets are included in similar compartments.

Come on, Thor1. The cost of one Bayraktar TB2 is 70 million dollars. And the Lancet is cheaper even than the Krasnopol projectile, and certainly cheaper than the Turkish Bai-ra-tractor.

What's behind these conclusions? It should be cheaper than a drone, as it is easier. In general, this should not be compared with the value of the target, but with other destructive means. And somehow I suspect that a rocket from the ground will be easier and cheaper.

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Do we deliberately ignore the delivery of Bayraktar to Syria, the cost of launching the Bayraktar, and the operation of the Bayraktar guidance system?

You did not study well at school, bookkeeper.

How do you know these values ​​to compare?

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Tor1, let's continue a little about the economy: so, we have the Turkish "Bayraktar", weighing 650 kg and "Lancet", weighing 12 kg, if it is "Lancet-3" or 5 kg, if "Lancet-1", both are launched from a ground catapult ... About the drone carrier you do not really understand, why did you need it at all? The manufacturer completes the "Lancets" only with the control panel ... So, the "Lancet" will be more expensive only if it is made of pure gold, osmium or uranium. Accounting is something like this ...

No need to flirt. The cost of a kamikaze is a penny compared to a Turkish one. And besides, it develops a speed of 300 km per hour, which is twice as much as that of drones. No need to laugh at Russian weapons ... Some people later regret it when they actually meet with them (and with trained personnel)

Well, show me the calculation.

Again, the article was written by order of the State Department.

You probably laughed at the Poseidon cartoons too? Only now the amers are not laughing: only three years have passed, and the car has already completed all the tests and will soon be on alert. Thirty drones with TNBCH, two megatons in each, there is no defense against them. It will be the same with the Lancet, only faster. So don't spit in the well, brother, if it flies out, you won't catch it.

And what is the cost of living for our guys in Syria?

And now a little about the economy: we sum up the cost of producing one "Lancet" with the cost of delivering it to Syria and the cost of launching the carrier drone and the operation of the guidance system, and comparing the amount with the cost of producing and launching the Turkish "Bayraktar". The result is not in our favor.

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