downed aircraft


Russia got the right to shoot down American fighters over Syria at any time

Russia was endowed with the right to attack American fighters over Syria without consequences.

The Russian military stationed in Syria received the legal right to shoot down any American military aircraft and attack American military personnel if necessary, or even without it. Such information was announced by the "Bulgarian Military" edition. It noted that the presence of the American military in Syria has not been agreed by either side and in fact, today, the US army is saved only by the fact that American troops are fighting terrorists of the "Islamic State" (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - approx. ed.).

“The bilateral agreement between Washington and Russia notifying the United States forces of the Russian Federation of impending attacks is an unsigned agreement based on trust between the two great powers. Could Russia shoot down an American fighter jet over Syria? As long as Russia accepts US airstrikes on Syria as a justified attack on terrorist groups, everyone in the world will turn a blind eye to it. Now to the answer - yes. Russia could shoot down an American fighter jet over Syria. Does Moscow have a legal right to do this? Yes! Will Russia do it - most likely not. This may happen at a certain time, but it is more likely to be the result of an accident, rather than a deliberate act. ", - reports the "Bulgarian Military" edition.

Russia, in turn, has repeatedly demonstrated its readiness to act radically even against superior forces in Syria. In particular, a little over a year ago, the Russian Su-34 struck a group of Turkish military, as a result of which the Turkish Armed Forces suffered very serious losses in both manpower and equipment.

I think you shouldn't test and annoy the Russians. Want the End of the World? Full speed ahead. No Country should dictate its terms to the whole World. We must live in the world.

American troops use a powerful economy and the armed forces spat on everyone, they can win without coming to war, simply erase the enemy at the root. Each infantryman can call for help in the form of an airplane that will erase the enemy in front of him. Nobody else has that.

The only interesting thing is how she will bring them down. If during the years of the Cold War there were more than 100 clashes between the F-16 on the one hand and Migov and SU on the other, but at the same time not one -16 was injured, and more than a dozen were shot down by Migov and SU.

I keep my fists, when you sit in his place, you will immediately land everyone.

So far, our planes are being shot down ...

Putin will be afraid of this right to use

if all the Americans are shot down, why?

Who gave the right, Assad, * Taliban * or maybe * Hezbollah *? It may not be necessary to use this right, airplanes will still be useful to us, as well as air defense systems for internal exercises