Russia helps Armenia shoot down Turkish drones - 5 Bayraktar drones destroyed in a few hours

Armenia, thanks to the help of Russia, started the "genocide" of Turkish drones.

Until recently, Armenia demonstrated complete defenselessness against Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles launched from the territory of Azerbaijan, however, in just a few hours, which is associated with the help of the Russian military, Armenian air defense systems shot down at least five Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones.

“Armenia could get a new weapon at its disposal, since Bayraktar TB2 drones, which are in service with Turkey, began to shoot down over Nagorno-Karabakh. Over the past Monday, about five UAVs were destroyed in the conflict zone. The footage with the wreckage of a Turkish drone was shared with the Defense Ministry of the self-proclaimed NKR. It is specified that they shot down Bayraktar TB2 in the skies over Karabakh during the confrontation. According to experts, in the videos shown, there is an ECO n Wescam CMX15D made in Canada, it is used in Bayraktars, and a motor from a reconnaissance and strike UAV IAI Harop of Israel is also seen. This is the first time since the aggravation of the situation in the region, when there is documentary evidence of the destruction of Turkish combat drones by the air defense of Armenia, " - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Actual News".

According to experts, it is likely that we are not talking about new weapons, but only about the connection of Russian radars and radar equipment to the air defense system of Armenia, which made it possible to significantly increase the ability to detect drones, and also made it possible to more effectively hit them in service. Armenia and NKR by means of air defense.

It should be noted that today it is thanks to the UAVs of Turkey and Israel that Azerbaijan manages to effectively advance in gaining control over the NKR territories.

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No need to invent, there is no hateful base. The Armenians have always been friends and will be friends with the Russian Federation and have never said otherwise. The fact that Pashinyan began negotiations with the West - well, so it was possible to implement at least some project in 30 years. Otherwise, everything is the same - a bunch of famous people in Armenia were selling the country piece by piece, etc. so they began to look for ways to earn money.
But no one has ever refused the Russian Federation!

This is how Russia helps itself in this case. There is a war between Erdogan and the Russian Federation for the Caucasus, Crimea and Tatarstan. He also wants to recreate Turan, so the Russian Federation is most interested in preventing this Turkic belt and strengthening the Armenian positions there. Learn history. The Armenians never betrayed themselves or others. In contrast to the same Georgians, who suddenly became Muslims, and as the danger passed, they were renamed Christians back.

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What Ivan? We are talking about Armenia.

Several Russian bombers have just smashed a recruiting station for militants heading to Azerbaijan for the war with Armenia. Given the magnitude of the strike, at least 200 Turkish-backed jihadist insurgents were hit.

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