downed Israeli missile


Russia helped Syria shoot down Israeli missiles immediately after launch

Russian air defense personnel helped shoot down Israeli missiles immediately after launch.

Despite the fact that the Russian military preferred not to interfere in the confrontation between Israel, Syria and Iran, the Russian military decided tonight to ensure the protection of the airspace of the Arab Republic during the next strikes by Israeli fighters. So, it became known that most of the missiles were destroyed by air defense systems in the airspace of neighboring Lebanon, although the Syrian air defense systems, with the exception of the S-300 air defense system, are not able to detect Israeli stealth missiles and gliding bombs at such distances, not to mention already that the latter are covered by a mountain range, which indicates that the Syrian air defense systems were guided by Russian radars located either in Tartus, at the base of the Russian Navy, or at the Khmeimim airbase.

“The Israeli Air Force launched airstrikes on the outskirts of Damascus. According to the Syrian Ministry of Defense, the strikes took place at 00:56. Most of the missiles were deflected by air defense systems. 4 SAA soldiers were injured, ”the Herald of Damascus channel reports to Telegram.

Experts draw attention to the fact that repelling Israeli strikes in the airspace of neighboring Lebanon became a hint to Russia that next time Israeli fighters could also become targets, especially since the capabilities of the Syrian S-300 will be sufficient to successfully shoot down Israeli fighters right in the airspace of the Jewish state.

"... three Il 76 rf and an Iranian Boeing were destroyed ..." Are you talking about March 17?
Satanovsky does not confirm this.

God, there are so many combat experts in the comments! It's good that I read them, now I can be an expert too! Finally, I'm realizing! Well, at least in something .. :-)))

Propaganda! Not a word about missiles hitting the target! Only nonsense about "mostly shot down" missiles .... And when three Il 76 rf and an Iranian Boeing were destroyed at the Damascus airport, why weren't they shot down?

It is unlikely to answer.

Israelis shot down S200 missiles
a C300, Ancient Azerbaijan brought out in Armenia, Israeli
means, for the newer Syrian Israel has a newer gadget.

If Russia answers, then there will be no Israel, from the word at all, and not a single plane will take off. It's time to stop Jews working for the Anglo-Saxons.

What does Russia have to do with it? Shoot down the Syrian S300 .. Russia only helps to track

There is such a thing as an escalation of tension. Given the tensions on the borders of Russia, Israel, together with NATO, is aggravating tensions in the places of deployment of the Russian Armed Forces. Russia, accordingly, has to extinguish this tension. Did they promise Russia a second Afghanistan? Israel fulfills this task.

How much can you lie? Would Israel start attacking facilities in Syria using expensive missiles and bombs every 3-4 days if they were shot down over and over again? There are a bunch of recordings from Syrian citizens showing bombs exploding on the ground.

Address, Arkasha, aren't you mistaken? What kind of militants are we talking about?

I don’t think Russia will dare to shoot down Israeli planes. Will Israel answer?

According to SOHR, three militants were killed. It is noted that there are seriously wounded, and the number of victims may increase, as a result of the strike by the Israeli army on targets near Damascus, a warehouse of weapons and ammunition was destroyed. It is possible that Syrian air defense positions were attacked south of Damascus, trying to intercept missiles.