Russia helps Syrian military to shoot down all Israeli stealth-winged missiles

Another attack on Syria forced Russia to intervene.

After the Israeli Air Force fired 19 cruise missiles at Syria on July 8, 7 of which were shot down, Russia decided to intervene. Already during the next strikes on the night of July 22, the Syrian air defenses, thanks to the use of Russian radars, were able to successfully repel the Israeli attack, hitting 100% of the Israeli missiles fired at the Arab Republic. It is noteworthy that we are talking about "stealth" missiles. At the same time, the Russian Buk-M2E air defense systems previously transferred to Syria were involved.

As follows from the data provided by the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria, all four missiles fired were successfully shot down, and, moreover, long before approaching their targets.

“On July 22, from 01:11 to 01:19, two Israeli Air Force F-16 tactical fighters from Lebanese airspace launched four guided missiles at targets in the province of Homs. All four missiles were destroyed by the Syrian air defense on duty: Russian-made Buk-M2E complexes ", - said in the message of the Center for the Use of Warring Parties of the RF Ministry of Defense.

Obviously, Israel refused to listen to the recommendations of the Russian side and arbitrarily tried to strike at the Russian ally. Such an attack was completely suppressed, although at the same time no fire was fired at enemy aircraft.

how wonderful! And immediately full

Yes, Lord, the PANTSIR is not the PANTSIR. Russian people.....

Then Armor was knocked out on the march, the Syrians wanted to “bandage the horse,” and so they knocked out. In combat readiness, I doubt it would be so simple, it would have worked out.

It is forbidden to fire on Israeli aircraft. Because this is already an attack by Russia on Israel. Then you will have to attack these installations, which opened fire on the planes. As was the case with Pantsyr. Remember the video, how a rocket flies to Pantsyr, and then darkness.