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Russia will help India bring down American F-35 and F-22

Russia will help India destroy American F-35s and F-22s, as well as Chinese J-20s.

According to information published by Western media, Russia and India have reached new agreements in the field of military-technical cooperation. So, despite the refusal of the latter to purchase Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighters, Russia will provide India with the opportunity to fight fifth-generation aircraft - we are talking about the American F-35 and F-22, as well as the Chinese Chengdu J-20.

“The Indian Air Force is going to equip at least part of the fleet of its heavy Su-30MKI fighters with Irbis-E radars designed for the Russian Su-35. The use of such systems is caused by the appearance of invisible fighters in the neighbors (J-20 in China and the promising Pakistani aircraft created under the Project AZM program) ", - reports.

How effective such measures will turn out to be, is still unknown, however, it was thanks to the Irbis-E radars that the Su-35 Russian airborne fighters repeatedly found fifth-generation American combat aircraft in the sky over Syria, and the American F shown in the sight of the Russian Su-35С -22 completely questioned the effectiveness of the fifth generation of the US Air Force.