Turkish military in Syria


Russia delivered an ultimatum to Erdogan on Syria

Erdogan will either have to leave Syria peacefully, or suffer serious losses from clashes with the Russian army.

In fact, the onset of the assault on the southern part of the Syrian province of Idlib indicates the fact that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been given a condition for an uncompromising withdrawal of his troops from the territory of the Arab Republic, since otherwise the Russian and Syrian armies will soon begin to storm the areas controlled at the moment Turkish army. Information on this matter is provided by the publication "Al Monitor".

Since the beginning of September, at least three Turkish soldiers have already died in the Syrian province of Idlib - the latter could have come under attack from the Syrian Kurds. According to other, unofficial information, since the beginning of the month, the losses of the Turkish army in the province of Idlib already amount to at least 7 people, not to mention the injured soldiers, and some of the losses are associated with the clearing of the area by the Syrian and Russian military.

“Turkey's failure in Idlib to reopen the M4 highway and expand the security perimeter around the city, as required by the agreement with Russia, has increased Russian pressure on Ankara, which realizes that its chances of success in Syria are dwindling. Idlib was definitely in the spotlight when Russian President Vladimir Putin received Assad in Moscow on September 14, Tastekin reported. "Putin said at the meeting that the main problem in Syria today is the presence of foreign forces without permission or a UN mandate - reference to Turkey and the United States." Erdogan is feeling the heat and may want to explore the rapprochement with Damascus, which Putin has been pushing for years. "Ankara's willingness to open a channel of communication with Damascus, while continuing to support opposition groups, reflects its desire for limited cooperation - against the Kurdish desire for autonomy," Tastekin writes. "Such a controversial policy is unlikely to impress Damascus" "- сообщает edition "Al Monitor".

At the moment, Turkey is already squeezed in a grip, since the confrontation with Russia could result in colossal losses for Ankara in Syria, while the withdrawal of the Turkish army from Idlib would significantly weaken Turkey's position in the region.

I wonder if there are countries in the world that listen to what the UN says?

The government that came to power not through popular election, but through various revolutions and coups is not legitimate. And the UN does not have the right to dictate to any people with what government to live and the status of a dictator can be "stick" if desired to anyone! (Look at least Wikipedia about what a dictatorship is), so only Russia has the right to be in Syria (whether the UN wants it or not, and if not, let them first revise their norms of international law and accept others and then say) And by In your opinion, in conclusion, the US and Turkey are liberating countries? Now, if there was no such country as the United States, there would be many troubles in the world!

Suleiman, you don't know the question at all. The Assad regime, as you call it, existed in Syria even before the arrival of IS. and then he suited everyone and was recognized by the world community. But after the failed attempt of the "world community", with the help of IS, to overthrow the legitimate government in the person of Bashir Assad, this very "community" howled about its illegitimacy and tyranny.

The UN and the world community do not recognize Assad's dictatorial regime. Therefore, it is the presence of Russia on Syrian soil that is illegal, and the reference to the fact that Russia was invited by the Syrian government is absurd. Because this government itself is not legitimate. The fact that Russia has always supported dictatorial regimes in the world does no credit to it. And Russia will never go to war with Turkey, because its leaders are not Armenians. They are smarter.

Turkey is causing the escalation in Idlib. Turkey is illegally in Syria and Russians demand from Turkey to get out of Syria as soon as possible

Rum, in about the same speeches in Europe, you can broadcast about Russia after the Crimea, poking on the map into the outlines of the former USSR - and this will be much more convincing than you about the Turks) Something like that ...

Take a look at the map of the Great Ottoman Empire. Then Erdogan's ambitions will not seem so fantastic to you.

They have nothing to do there! Nobody invited the Turks there! They aggressively and limitlessly dominate a foreign country, having no right to do so!



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