Russia delivered an ultimatum to Israel and it worked

Israel had to abandon airstrikes on Syria.

After the emergence of information that after the meeting between Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Russian president said that the Russian side was ready to radically change its attitude towards Israeli military operations, if Tel Aviv does not refuse unreasonable attacks on the Arab Republic, Israel no longer delivered a single blow to Syria, in any case, officially confirmed.

Experts believe that Russia’s tough stance forced Israel to abandon its plans, realizing that Moscow could very well begin to provide assistance to the Syrians, which would inevitably lead to the defeat of Israeli aircraft by Syrian air defense systems.

“After the deaths of Syrian military and civilians due to Israeli attacks, Russia completely took control of the situation in Syria. Obviously, Moscow gave Israel the right to ensure its own security, however, there must be very good reasons for this, and not just the speculation that Tel Aviv has used in recent years. ”, - the expert marks.

It is noteworthy that, shortly before the "extreme warning", Israel intended to strike at an area located near the Russian military air base "Khmeimim."

So the holidays will end and then we will look into which ass the Russians will beat their ultimatum.