Air Defense C-400


Russia will supply Belarus with modern air defense and radar systems

Russia will strengthen the protection of the airspace of Belarus with its own air defense systems.

Within the framework of military-technical cooperation between Belarus and Russia, it became known that the Russian side will equip the neighboring state with modern radar stations and, presumably, additional air defense means, which will have to ensure the protection of the airspace of the Union State.

“We are really working out an extensive list of nomenclatures that we plan to supply to Belarus, including new Russian-made radar stations for various purposes”, - said in the message of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether deliveries are planned against the background of providing assistance to a neighboring country, or whether the weapons are supposed to be sold to Belarus - there are no official comments on this either from Moscow or from Minsk. Nevertheless, earlier in Belarus they said that they want to receive Russian S-400 Triumph complexes for armament, however, free of charge.

Experts draw attention to the fact that today, in fact, it is not Belarus that covers Russia, but rather the opposite - Russian radar equipment is sufficient to detect even small targets over the central part of Europe.

This was a very dangerous provocation. However, for now, we can sleep soundly. Since 1945 (Operation Unthinkable) Heaven holds back the wind of World War III. And this will continue until the appointed time. In the book of Daniel we read: “And both these kings [Russia and Great Britain] will turn their hearts to harm, and at the table they will speak deception alone, but [they will not be able to carry out these plans]. Indeed, there is still the end [the last period of time] before the appointed time. And [the king of the north] will return to his land with great movable property [1945], and his heart is against the covenant of the saint, and will act and return to his land [1991-1993]. At the appointed time, he will return back [Russia will regain the influence lost after the collapse of the USSR]. And it will enter the south [the reason will be the ethnic conflict in the south of the Russian borders (Matthew 24: 7)], but it will not be as before [Georgia - 2008] and as later [Ukraine. Here, too, a military response from the West should not be expected now. However, the next time, after the return of Russia, there will be a military confrontation with the United States], because the inhabitants of the Kittim shores [Americans] will arrive against him, and [he] will break [lose heart] and return ”(11: 27-30a). It will be a mutual massacre. This time it will be a world war not only in name. The world will be taken from the earth and the “great sword” used (Revelation 6: 4).