Sea explosion


Russia will build at least 30 nuclear torpedoes "Status-6"

30 Russian nuclear torpedoes "Status-6" are able to arrange a global Armageddon on the planet.

The Russian military intends to adopt at least 30 nuclear underwater drones "Status-6", the capabilities of which will be sufficient to completely destroy the planet, displacing its orbit or affecting the core. It is to contain such a large number of nuclear torpedoes that Russia has decided to build a military base specifically for this newest weapon.

Forbes journalists recognize the existence of the Russian unmanned underwater vehicle "Status-6" ("Poseidon"), claiming that it is real, however, express a number of doubts about the effectiveness of this drone, noting that with its speed of movement, it may well be intercepted, although today the United States does not have weapons capable of intercepting high-speed underwater targets, which include the "Status-6", capable of speeds up to 150-200 km / h.

An underwater explosion of just one Poseidon will be capable of destroying any coast of the United States, however, in the event of a large-scale strike by underwater vehicles, the situation may lead to the fact that the axis of rotation of the planet may shift, or the explosion will affect the core of the Earth, which indicates the fact that in just a few years Russia has managed to create the most powerful weaponry on the planet, ensuring, at the same time, the security of Russia itself.

When the country has nothing more to be proud of, it begins to invent fairy tales about weapons.

30 is the number of Russia's most ardent "partners"? .. In general, God forbid, but in particular: 10 for the USA, 2 for Japan, 2 for Great Britain, 2 for France, 6 for Canada, 1 - for Turkey, 1 - for Germany. A total of 25 demonstration kits. And the reserve for a second act? .. Such circumstances must be changed ...

why study physics when there is cnn and google.

It's funny, why would the earth's axis suddenly shift, physics should be taught at school, I'm generally silent about the core