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Russia sends signal to Turkey-backed militants

The Russian Aerospace Forces reminded the pro-Turkish jihadists who are in control of the situation in Idlib.

Despite attempts by Turkish-backed militants to regain control of part of the territories in the province of Idlib and in the north of the Arab Republic, the jihadists have suffered serious losses for several weeks in a row, and, in large part, thanks to the Russian Aerospace Forces. Turkey-backed militants are attempting to attack the SAA positions, however, almost instantly receive a powerful blow from Russian fighters and bombers, however, this is only a signal to the militants that Russia is ready to go to much more radical methods of clearing the Syrian territory if the militants continue to escalate situations.

To date, the aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces inflict exclusively pinpoint strikes, however, given the fact that Idlib is literally overflowing with pro-Turkish militants, Russia may well demonstrate its real strength.

“Turkey-backed militants naively believe that Ankara will be able to protect them. If at the moment Russian aviation is inflicting exclusively pinpoint strikes, then the same missile salvo of warships from the Mediterranean Sea will very quickly sober up the jihadists. Russia is still trying to preserve the agreements on de-escalation in the region, however, if the situation gets out of control, it will be possible to smash the militants, as it was done with the "Islamic State" (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - ed.) in just a couple of weeks ", - emphasizes the specialist.

Western analysts believe. that in 2021 the Syrian army and the Russian military could take control of several hundred square kilometers of territory, thereby pushing the jihadists back to the Turkish borders.