NATO in Romania


Russia demanded the withdrawal of NATO forces from Bulgaria and Romania

The Russian Foreign Ministry demanded that NATO withdraw troops from Romania and Bulgaria.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded that NATO and the United States withdraw troops from the territory of Romania and Bulgaria - this is one of the important points of the agreement on providing security guarantees to Russia. For obvious reasons, the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance will not take such actions, since Bulgaria and Romania are already members of NATO and the withdrawal of troops from the territory of these states cannot actually be carried out.

“The one of the pillars of our initiatives you mentioned is deliberately formulated very clearly and does not allow for any ambiguous interpretations. We are talking about the withdrawal of foreign forces, equipment and weapons and other steps in order to return to the configuration as of 1997 on the territory of countries that were not NATO members on the specified date. These include both Bulgaria and Romania", the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Such demands obviously did not satisfy NATO and the United States. In this regard, further negotiations on providing security guarantees to Russia turned out to be frustrated.

Nevertheless, the Russian side intends to ensure its own security on its own if NATO and the United States sabotage negotiations with the Russian side, for example, by deploying troops on the territory of neighboring Belarus, deploying missile weapons on the border of Western countries, etc.

Putin makes them answer for the market

The Russian Federation has been malleable and accommodating for too long to be now respected by those who value brute force. It’s scary, but it’s time for the Russian Federation to start simply destroying American weapons that threaten it, if the United States doesn’t want to take it home voluntarily, because if after such big words a zilch follows, then Russia will be occupied after Europe, but this does not mean that we will live like in France, I don’t think that the “civilized” have lost the skill of dividing someone into a gas chamber, someone into a mine, and someone into a brothel ...
Although it is pointless for the occupied countries to speak, they still need to think about their fate, just like us ...

Well, that's it - now Putin will announce that the states are surrounded by Poseidons and they have 5 minutes left.

to refuse, the Russian Federation will place missiles in the former and future Little Russia

The company of the Russian Federation demands that it is not even located on the territory of Russia, which since 1996 has been in the legal field of the USSR, and is currently under the occupation of a pirate company, with all its structures.
What kind of criminal ignorance to associate Russia with the occupation regime, no one canceled Article 64 of the Criminal Code of the USSR.

What about grinning? They demand because they can demand.

Russia put forward the demand, knowing in advance that it would not be fulfilled. So why push it?

They won’t withdraw, which means they will set up countries in a potential war)

Yep, already started.

And where there are tight deadlines from the Russian side, the United States again reduces the whole conversation to the drag that they love. Negotiate with them, how to talk to a pillar, asking him to move aside. The column hears nothing and is not going to react. A pole is a pole. Here only help the pillar, move it and that's it.