Nuclear strike


Russia offered the US to end a nuclear war, but Washington refused

It became known about Russia's proposal to avoid a nuclear war with the United States

As reported by Kommersant, Moscow back in October 2018 proposed that Washington conclude an agreement on the prevention of nuclear war. The document sent to the American leadership noted that "There can be no winners in a nuclear war, and it should never be unleashed". No response has yet been received from the United States to such a Russian initiative, which obviously indicates a refusal to adopt such a position.

Russia's plan provides for the conclusion of an agreement at the highest level. It should state the intention of the countries to avoid military confrontation, take measures to exclude the possibility of a nuclear war.

The document also envisaged measures to be taken by States to prevent the accidental or unauthorized use of nuclear weapons.

The United States not only did not respond to such proposals, but also suspended the fulfillment of its obligations under the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF). This happened on February 2 of the year 2019. The American side, as the reason for such a step, systematically described breaches of the treaty by the Russian side, while it argued that the United States complied with all the conditions. Russia's response to such a move was a mirror.