Erdogan and Putin


Russia offered Turkey Su-35 fighters on unrealistically expensive conditions

Russia offered Turkey to buy fighters on incredibly unfavorable conditions.

Despite the fact that Turkey still does not dare to purchase Russian Su-35 fighter jets, it became known that Russia offered Ankara to buy these combat aircraft on unfavorable conditions, in particular, according to Viktor Rostec’s director for international cooperation Kladova, for the purchase of Russian Su-35, Turkey will have to order Su-57 fighters.

“Turkey is very focused on the acquisition of modern aerospace technologies. They are working on their own aircraft. They want to develop their aircraft, and we have preliminary negotiations regarding the Su-35, provided that Turkey plans to acquire the Su-57. Why not? And immediate interest arose after the United States announced the cancellation of F-35 supply plans. ”, - Kladov declared.

It is noteworthy that Turkey initially did not express interest in acquiring Russian Su-57 fighters, and the head of the Turkish Ministry of Defense noted that Ankara’s commitment to the American F-35 remains extremely high and there is no talk of buying Russian combat aircraft at all.