Russia will turn its heavy fighter into a "battle monster" capable of challenging any fighter on the planet

The Russian military will turn the Su-30SM fighter into a conqueror of the sky.

Despite the fact that the Russian Su-30SM fighter is still quite inferior to the Su-35S and Su-57 fighters, which are in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces, it became known that the combat capabilities of the Russian aircraft will be further increased, which will allow it to fight in almost any foreign combat aircraft. According to the designers themselves, a "super fighter" will be made from the usual Su-30SM.

According to the information available to the information portal, a fundamental decision to modernize the Su-30SM fleet to the level of CM2 has already been made, and the Russian combat aircraft is expecting quite serious innovations that will allow it to feel confident in battle even against the F-35 and F-22.

“Compared to the current power plant of the Su-30SM, the thrust of the new engine has been increased by 16%, up to 14 kgf. The service life of the aircraft engine doubled at once, up to 500 thousand hours, without increasing the mass and dimensions. Equipped with a plasma ignition system, the AL-4F-41S is more economical than the AL-1FP, which is currently installed on the "thirty". With the same amount of fuel, the fighter will be able to stay in the air longer ", - sources in the Russian defense department say.

According to experts, the innovations will significantly increase the maneuverability of the Russian combat aircraft and, in terms of its characteristics, it will become almost equal to the Su-35S fighter, which will certainly attract Russia's foreign partners, since US sanctions on these combat aircraft do not apply, at least officially.


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