Russia threatened Norway with very serious consequences for the slightest provocation in the Arctic

Norway faces unpredictable challenges. if she decides to escalate in the Arctic.

After Norway announced its readiness to assist the United States in ensuring the presence of the American fleet in the Arctic, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Lavrov said that if Russia creates any problems or provocations from the Norwegian authorities and the military, Oslo can expect serious effects.

“It was emphasized that the buildup of military activity by Norway, the advancement of NATO infrastructure to our borders are fraught with negative consequences for the Arctic. The hope was expressed for the restoration of the traditional good-neighborliness between our countries ", - said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry notes that at the moment the situation between Russia and Norway is not aggravated, in this connection. Russia invites Oslo to think carefully about possible provocative actions both at the Russian borders and in the Arctic as a whole.

On the other hand, it became known a day earlier that US strategic bombers would arrive in Norway, intending to "probe" the Arctic, which indicates the fact that Oslo has decided not to listen to Russian advice.

Wake up .. When Russia was stronger, more independent than now over the past 30-40 years? What we want in the world, we do it ..

That's interesting, because flights over Russia are so carried out, both from Europe to Asia, and vice versa. That is, it is possible by air, but for some reason it is not possible by sea ..

With the current "dumplings" domestic policy, Russia has no prospect of changing the "internal situation", which leads to the impossibility of giving a proper response to the aggressor. And, as a consequence, to an increase in the aggression of NATO countries.

Absolute nonsense. The current state of Russia allows her whatever she wants. Another thing is that the government in the country is weak and helpless.

Judging by the consequences after provocations from other countries, Norway will face serious concern from our Foreign Ministry.
There is no need to pass off wishful thinking as reality, the current state of Russia does not allow it to dictate its conditions and adequately respond to provocations and threats. This is not the USSR with its weight and power, and we do not have Gromyko.

little norway is everywhere looking for its own benefit - here are the older comrades and push it to provocation, acting just in the role of such licks with a grenade here is tvk here is yasha

who else can be scared by an atomic power if not a small Norway ... a monkey with an atomic grenade, here is Russia

I agree, it's better not to joke. In the Arctic, Russia has a huge preponderance of forces over NATO, which not only lack modern icebreakers, but also just not quite old icebreakers. What can we say about logistics, personnel training and those.

Norway is tightly on the hydrocarbon needle with a very small population. That's all the Norwegian miracle! To be more precise: the population is 5,4 million people. This is a small area of ​​Moscow.

One hundred thousandth last serious warning.

Are your show-offs expensive?

Medvedev has nothing to do with it. Spitsbergen was presented to Norway by the League of Nations, even under Stalin.

Now Norway is the aggressor, who would have thought? Maybe it is worth our government to take care of its population at least one-tenth of how the Norwegian government takes care of its citizens? And only then show off on the world stage? And then some cheap show-offs ...

It's better not to joke with Russia. Can express concern, or even present a diplomatic note.

And you, Moishe, are interested in this for what purpose - also want to have a margin?

Medvedev was then the President of the Russian Federation - a person who determines foreign policy. Well, he really wanted to please the West, like Gorbachev in his time. So he gave it, along with a huge gas field. But Medvedev will not have to answer - immunity, you know, or ...

who could resist him - only Putin, but did not want to, or could not.

Well. And with Norway, it's tense.

So you figure it out, gave it, or sold it?

If Medvedev had not committed a crime against our state- (gave or sold Spitsbergen

You might think that no one knew about this, but Medvedev alone turned everything around.

If Medvedev had not committed a crime against our state- (gave or sold Spitsbergen

will affect the situation? Raise the retirement age again?