Missile Strike Vanguard


Russia has adopted the first Avangard missile systems since the beginning of the year.

Since the beginning of the year, the first Avangard missile systems have appeared in service with Russia.

According to the documentation provided by the Telegram channel Gallifrey technologies, from the beginning of this year at least two Avangard missile complexes could appear in Russia's arsenal.

As can be seen from the documents submitted, we are talking about supplying reprogrammable RPZU-107 devices for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Remarkable is the fact that the devices were developed for a certain 15P171 complex, which, in turn, according to preliminary estimates, is the Avangard complex.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that for the first time the purchase of reprogrammable memory devices RPZU-107 for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation was made in 2014 year, the year of the first test of the Avangard complex, as previously reported. Moreover, in 2014, these devices were supplied, including to the city of Yasny, from where, in December, 2018, the launch of the Avangard complex was carried out.

Considering the fact that the purchase of RPZU-107 devices was made by the Russian Defense Ministry this year, it is likely that from the beginning of this year, the Russian strategic forces were replenished with new Avangard complexes.

For example, in 2014, there was a tender for the purchase of 233 pieces of these RPZU-107. And Cho, maybe we 5 years ago put into service 233 Avangard? By the way, Avant-garde is not a complex, if strictly, but a combat unit that is placed on some complex. Now they wanted an old lady UR-100Н УТТХ in Yasnom.