Russia has adopted the Ichthyosaurus super torpedo - there is no defense against it and it has no equal

The Russian Navy has officially adopted a unique deep-sea torpedo.

The Russian military has completed the development of a unique deep-sea torpedo and has already adopted it. According to the data available to the editors, we are talking about the UET-1 Ichthyosaur deep-sea torpedo, the key feature of which is the ability to strike at great depths.

As it became known, if necessary, the Russian UET-1 Ichthyosaur deep-sea torpedo is capable of striking at a depth of one kilometer. Although today there are no submarines capable of diving to such a depth, experts pay attention to the fact that this unique property makes it possible to hunt enemy ships and submarines right from the depths, making any attempts to intercept a torpedo simply unattainable.

It is known that the Russian UET-1 "Ichthyosaur" torpedo can hit its targets at a distance of up to 25 kilometers. At the same time, the speed of the torpedo is about 50 knots, which also seriously complicates its interception by means of existing NATO weapons.

It is reported that the UET-1 "Ichthyosaur" torpedo has great destructive power and one direct hit can immediately destroy a US Navy nuclear submarine. Taking into account the fact that Russian torpedoes will be exported, the interest in them will be enormous.

Who will be the "wet to a depth of" Russian boat? Radioactive ash?

Why the Americans?)) I don’t remember that for the last 20 years we had contracts with the Americans for the supply of any weapons. And what we have to grab, and from whom? You probably don't know, but Russia possesses nuclear weapons that can destroy the United States within 1 hour at zero. As we can from someone "snatch"? They are all still alive only because Russia is a good ...

It's nice to read and imagine the combat work of this torpedo at great depths! Its speed and "bottom hook", as in boxing, "will overthrow any enemy submarine, regardless of its size !!!.

to whom will it be exported? to the Americans? how not to snatch a boomerang later

Good news...

Why sell? What would Russian boats soak at depth if there is no protection?

10 kg of TNT is enough to destroy any submarine ...



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