C-400 SAM


Russia sold Turkey "not quite C-400"

The export version of C-400 is fundamentally different from the Russian ones.

Statements that having received the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense system, Turkey, being a member of NATO, can pose a serious threat to Russia, too, are partially groundless. Russia did sell An-S-400 air defense / missile defense systems to Ankara, but obviously not all of them.

According to experts, the export version of the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense system has a number of key differences from the version that is in service with Russia. What exactly this is expressed in is not officially known, however, as the Chinese media noted earlier, it may involve the use of shorter-range radars (up to 500 kilometers), the absence of a number of options to control airspace, and, obviously, the inability to identify the Russian military aircraft.

“When selling C-400 to foreign partners, Russia is forced to take out insurance, which is why Turkey didn’t sell C-400 completely, although they have similar properties. Given the fact that Russia is primarily interested in its own security, it can be assumed that, if necessary, Russian military aircraft can “turn on” the “invisibility” mode for C-400. Moreover, China has repeatedly stated that the acquired Russian Triumphs have a target detection range of 500 kilometers, although according to official data, the radar range of S-400 air defense systems is about 600 kilometers ”, - the expert marks.

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