Russia will sell S-300 air defense systems to Iraq instead of S-400

In Iraq, they abandoned the S-400, but wanted to buy the Russian S-300 air defense systems.

The Iraqi authorities, despite previous negotiations with Russia, nevertheless decided to abandon the acquisition of the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems, but at the same time began negotiations on the acquisition of the Russian S-300 Favorit air defense systems. These complexes will not only cost Baghdad much cheaper, but in fact, do not fall under US sanctions, moreover, apparently, Washington is not categorically opposed to such an acquisition.

At the moment, information about the acquisition by Iraq of the Russian S-300 "Favorite" air defense systems has not received official confirmation, however, in Baghdad, they are seriously interested in receiving long-range air defense systems for the country's armament, since this will make it possible to control the country's borders from various kinds of external threats. ...

It should be noted that earlier in Baghdad they announced their intention to acquire the S-400 Triumph air defense missile system, however, the US authorities threatened Iraq with sanctions and blocking all financial resources and flows. In this regard, negotiations with the Russian side were in a frozen state.

Iraq is an occupied country, and no matter how they puffed up, what the occupier says, they will do. The Russian military-industrial complex actually picks up crumbs from the lordly table of the United States.

they all know, promise us that you will buy something sometime, maybe, and the Russian bureaucrats will do everything for you ...

The same will happen with the S-300.