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Russia fired missile launches towards Japan after a series of provocations by Tokyo

Russian warships fired several missiles towards Japan.

After another series of provocations by official Tokyo, mainly concerning the territorial affiliation of the Kuril Islands group, Russia demonstrated to Japan its readiness to act toughly in the event of new provocations by holding large-scale military exercises near Japanese territorial waters, including missile launches.

A few days ago, off the coast of Japan, the Russian military conducted a large-scale exercise, during which aircraft and navy were involved. According to the Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun, Russian warships carried out a series of missile launches towards the Japanese coast, thereby demonstrating their readiness to ensure the protection of Russian borders and territories from any encroachments.

The actions of Russia have quite angered Tokyo. It should be understood that if Japan tries to escalate the situation, Russia will give its immediate response.

“Japan itself has provoked a reaction from Russia, claiming that it needs modern missiles capable of striking China and Russia. Against the background of such provocations, the Russian fleet has demonstrated its readiness to quickly strike at a potential enemy, if the situation so requires ", - the expert marks.

They would have to follow the seismological situation, otherwise Fukushima will soon seem like a children's matinee. It is not clear why they smoked, if Japan itself may soon be gone

Well, they already got it at 45, maybe the lesson didn't go to work.

This is not a circus, but modern realities ...

What a circus and a kindergarten.