Russia will hold large-scale military exercises right off the coast of Great Britain

The largest Russian military exercises will be held right off the coast of Great Britain.

In response to the provocative actions of London and the open threats issued against Russia, it was decided to hold the largest military exercises right off the coast of Great Britain and Ireland. Judging by the area of ​​military exercises, it is located about 500 kilometers from the coast of Great Britain and about 300 kilometers from the coast of Ireland. This is not just about the deployment of Russian warships, but also about the use of long-range anti-submarine aircraft and missile firing. However, it is not this fact that poses a much greater danger, but the fact that the area where large-scale military exercises of the Russian Navy are conducted is located in the area where submarine optical cables, which are considered almost strategic objects, lie.

London has not yet made any official statements on this matter, however, the situation for the UK, and in general for NATO, is deplorable, since the Alliance simply cannot interfere with the Russian military exercises in any way - they are held in a clear in accordance with international norms and regulations.

Moreover, experts pay attention to the depth map in the area of ​​military exercises. Judging by it, Russian nuclear submarines, special underwater vehicles and special underwater equipment can be transferred to the area, which, due to the lack of equipment, NATO simply cannot monitor.

Quite remarkable is the fact that relatively recently Russian reconnaissance ships, submarines and even special hydrographic vessels have been sighted in this area.

Pavlik needs to worry about gas, so as not to freeze in his stale, and not about the Russian fleet!

And "Novichok" can be sprinkled on top ...

Large-scale exercises are where Russia will gather so many ships, more than half of the ships are already rusty and do not go to sea, the Kremlin probably thought for a long time how to cheer up our people and came up with "largest" ones. Ponte how much.

I wonder what kind of exercises Rush will hold off the coast of Great Britain, a tug will be attached to each boat. The rusty Rashinsky fleet is still showing off its show-offs. Wages would be given to people, yes, work, the Putin regime will finish playing, it will collapse just like the USSR.

During the fighting, you still need to be there ...

Some kind of childish showdown. It will not work to scare, if the war starts. then not from such teachings and not in this way.

This is not for you to smear benches with door handles with "Novichok".