Nuclear strike


Russia talked about the US nuclear strike

Russia disclosed its position on a nuclear strike on the United States.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, amid US statements, made a statement about the "possible", in the opinion of the American side, a nuclear strike by Russia on the United States of America. According to him, this possibility is not being considered by the Russian doctrine, and the fact that this is actively discussed in the United States is surprising.

“High-ranking American military men allow themselves to argue even about some hypothetical US response to a possible Russia’s limited nuclear strike, including on American territory, using low-power means”- said Sergey Ryabkov.

It is assumed that the statements of the American side are, above all, provocative in nature, while analysts point out that the discussion of a nuclear strike on Russia, even theoretically possible, already creates a reason for panic in Washington, which, by the way, does not exclude a preventive strike on Russia.

It should be clarified that according to the US estimates, the gap in the INF Treaty will contribute to the heating of the situation between the two countries.