Russia is considering the creation of a new type of weapon - the EMP warhead

Russia is considering the development of an electromagnetic type of weapon.

Thanks to Russia's technological breakthrough in the creation of modern weapons, it became known that Russian defense enterprises are developing a fundamentally new type of weapon, according to various sources, we can talk about electromagnetic weapons that can completely turn off any enemy electronics, including anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense, within a radius of tens of kilometers, creating severe interference in a radius of hundreds of kilometers.

Experts believe that we can talk about a powerful warhead (combat maneuvering unit - approx. Ed.), Which will detonate at a certain height, thereby creating a powerful electromagnetic pulse that can incapacitate radar, anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense systems, and disable facilities communications, etc.

“Striking with dozens of warheads of this type will cover an area of ​​thousands of square kilometers. The most interesting thing is that following an electromagnetic pulse, an attack by other warheads, including nuclear ones, will follow, which makes the enemy completely defenseless ”, - said the analyst

It should be clarified that during the Soviet Union attempts were repeatedly made to create electromagnetic weapons, however, due to insufficiently developed technologies, it was not possible to implement projects

The EMP ammunition scheme was proposed by Sakharov, and there was no difficulty in manufacturing it. Now it has been modified to the size of an art. shell.