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Russia placed on the border with Ukraine 203-mm. Self-propelled guns capable of delivering nuclear strikes

Russia placed on the border with Ukraine 203-mm. Self-propelled guns 2S7 "Pion", capable of delivering strikes with nuclear weapons.

A few hours ago, less than 15 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, residents of the Belgorod region noticed at least 10 2S7 Pion self-propelled artillery mounts. The latter are capable of delivering devastating 203 mm strikes. ammunition, however, much more remarkable is the fact that such weapons are capable of delivering strikes with nuclear weapons at a stunning range of 47.5 kilometers, which, by the way, is quite enough to destroy the entire northern part of Kharkov from the same area.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of arrival and unloading of the railway echelon at the station n.p. Merry Lopan. Judging by the video, we are talking about at least 10 artillery mounts arranged in several rows. At the same time, the deployment of such weapons on the border with Ukraine is observed for the first time, especially since Russia has only 60 such self-propelled guns in service, although about 250 more are in long-term storage.

The purpose of deploying these weapons in this direction is not officially announced. According to analysts, this is due to the extremely high tension and high likelihood of military clashes between Russia and Ukraine.

Have you heard anything about tactical nuclear weapons?

so they protect our pension ...

Voronezh get ready!

After this decision, there will be no one to sit in the tribunal, and the tribunal itself will no longer exist.

You look. very worried about nuclear weapons and its use? You jump higher and hope - hope .., ask for fat, so that it was not very scary!

I hope that anyone who gave the order to use nuclear weapons will be strangled by their own "colleagues" so that later they will not sit on the same bench in the tribunal.

These are "flowers". Along with "Acacia", "Hyacinth" and "Carnation", a good bouquet is obtained.

What nonsense. Why would Russia destroy its own city?

Why panic?

For the especially impressionable - the zone of destruction of a nuclear charge ??? 47 km - delivering a nuclear strike - the decision of suicide bombers.

Well, let the remaining "brothers" in Kharkov watch.

And no one counts how many "nuclear weapons" Ukraine has caught up to the Donbass !!!

A nuclear projectile of 152 mm caliber of the museum "RFNC-VNIITF", which is located in Snezhinsk.
It is noteworthy that the head of this RFNC was a well-known academician in narrow circles, a lieutenant general with a speaking surname Zababakhin Evgeny Ivanovich.
The projectile itself will fit for the MSTA-S, Acacia and Hyacinth installations. Artillery systems hit them for 10-15 kilometers, while the explosion power is 2,5 CT in TNT equivalent. The funnel from such an impact will be about 80 meters with all the consequences."

Another exercise, everyone relax.



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