Russia has placed on the border with Ukraine a three-coordinate radar station on duty "Casta-2E2"

An active Russian radar "Casta-20E2" was spotted 2 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

Approximately 20 kilometers from the border of Ukraine, a Russian three-coordinate radar station on duty "Casta-2E2" was seen, brought into combat condition. With a relatively large coverage range of this radar, it is able to detect small targets - targets moving at low altitudes, drones, and even targets with low radar visibility. Noteworthy is the fact that the three-coordinate radar covers only the territory controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where recently there has been an extremely high activity of Ukrainian army drones.

On the presented image, you can see the location of the Russian radar "Kasta-2E2" and the coverage area of ​​​​the radar of the territory of Ukraine. Judging by the direction of the radar, the main attention of the Russian side is paid to the military airfield near Kharkov, where the Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 attack drones are located, which are actively used in the Donbass, although they are not used for strikes.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the Casta-2E2 radar can be integrated with modern air defense systems, thereby significantly increasing the detection zone for enemy aircraft, and a little earlier it became known that Pantsir-S complexes were located near the Ukrainian border. ”, “Buk-M3” and S-300.

they do just that.

three-coordinate ... azimuth, elevation and time ... when the brains fall into place ...

Yeah, funny.
First Crimea, then Donetsk and then
"Well, what about Russia?"
Life was boring...

These messages harm the Russian army.

It's funny. Not all the military in positions probably know what and where is deployed. But the laity know everything and even more.



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