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Russia has deployed its troops on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan to spite Aliyev

Due to Aliyev's refusal to abide by the tripartite agreements, Russia has deployed its troops on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia reports that a large group of Russian military was deployed on the border with Azerbaijan after another provocation by the Azerbaijani military. It is known that a group of Russian servicemen was deployed in the Tavush region (the area of ​​the Voskepar settlement - approx.), While the number of servicemen was not named.

At the moment, there are no official comments on this from the Russian military command. Earlier, Armenia reacted rather harshly to the lack of reaction from the CSTO on the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, threatening, among other things, with withdrawal from the Treaty.

It is noteworthy that Azerbaijan openly ignores the trilateral agreements and continues to create tension on the Armenian border. According to a number of data, up to 1,5-2 thousand Azerbaijani servicemen may already be stationed in the border territories of Armenia, who periodically attack the Armenian military, provoking an armed conflict between the two countries.

Another Armenian provocative tales: wishful thinking, believe it, and then blow it to the whole world. Where are the comments or messages of the Russian Defense Ministry or the official message of the Armenian Defense Ministry?

It can be seen that in your heart you are worried about the Armenians. But what will you say after a trillion-dollar lawsuit is filed against the Armenians for the occupation of Azerbaijani lands and Russia will pay for them.

Successful blitzkrieg. Appetite comes with eating, - military excitement during a victory. Not satisfied, little blood, few tears of the vanquished. Let him indulge his pride with a new war!

Author and where is Aliyev's evil here ?? You are not even worthy of Aliyev's clipped nails !!

Not a year ago, not now ...
Neither one nor the other ...

The Armenians do not need this territory - they have neither recognized it even as their territory, nor are they howling, but why should Russia harness itself?

Only they can whine

Author, where did you get so much cynicism ???

not so a year ago ...



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