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Russia deployed an entire electronic warfare battalion near the borders of Ukraine

Because of the threat from Kiev, Russia has deployed a whole battalion of electronic warfare systems on the Ukrainian border.

The threat of an attack on Russian citizens forced Russia to deploy an entire electronic warfare battalion on the territory of the Belgorod region. It is known that most of the complexes are designed for electronic and electronic intelligence. However, given the composition of the unit, we may well be talking about the deployment of electronic countermeasures. This allows you to completely neutralize the work of American and British military reconnaissance aircraft, Bayraktar TB2 attack drones, small drones used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to strike DPR and LPR positions, as well as enemy electronic intelligence.

“A separate battalion of electronic warfare became part of the Vislenskaya motorized rifle division of the Western Military District. Subdivisions of the new military unit are deployed in the Belgorod region. The servicemen of the battalion have already begun training on a modular training system and work on the introduction of the most promising forms and methods of using electronic warfare units, taking into account the modern military equipment entering the troops of the combined arms army of the Western Military District., the Western Military District said in a statement.

According to the information that the Avia.pro news agency managed to obtain, the electronic warfare battalion stationed in the Belgorod region includes such electronic countermeasures as Zhitel, Leer-3 and Borisoglebsk. These weapons have proven themselves effectively in various armed conflicts and during special military operations.

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Analyzing the publications of this site in recent years, I came to the conclusion that almost all the news on the site is fictitious. The titles of the articles are provocative. But the site is damn interesting to read over a cup of coffee, especially the comments.

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why report the composition and movements of troops at all? Do they want to scare you? They are not afraid, but they check all the information and collect their intelligence.



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