Russia has deployed a mysterious electronic warfare system in Syria, hitting a distance of 400 kilometers

The Russian military deployed an unknown electronic warfare system in Syria.

According to official data, today the most long-range mobile electronic warfare system in service with Russia is the complex of the Krasukha family. With its range of about 250-300 kilometers, this weapon has always been more than enough to successfully disrupt the operation of most electronic and electronic intelligence equipment, disable sensitive equipment, or even clog enemy radars with interference, for example, to simulate an air strike or missile shelling. Nevertheless, as it turned out, recently another electronic warfare complex has been located in Syria, the range of “defeat” of which is at least 400 kilometers.

According to the ADS-B Exchange and Flightradar24 services, in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, very powerful interference with the operation of GPS equipment is observed. Judging by the identified zones where these interferences were detected, we are talking about a distance of about 400 kilometers, i.e. in fact, Russian systems successfully suppress the operation of electronics and on-board systems even at a distance of about 75 kilometers southwest of Cyprus.

The fact that we are talking about Russian electronic warfare systems is indicated by an earlier statement by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), although to date, mobile electronic warfare systems with an effective range of 400 kilometers have not been seen in Russian arsenal.

According to experts, Russian weapons hit the airborne systems of the F-35 fighters of the British Air Force located in Cyprus, as well as Israeli military aircraft, preventing the latter from conducting reconnaissance in Syria and using weapons. A day ago, American planes also came under attack.