Nuclear tug


Russia will place an electromagnetic cannon in the planet's orbit to intercept ballistic and cruise missiles

Russia intends to place an electromagnetic cannon in the planet's orbit to combat cruise and ballistic missiles.

In the near future, Russia plans to place unique weapons in the planet's orbit to provide protection against attacks from cruise and ballistic missiles. According to the documents of KB "Arsenal", we are talking about the deployment of electromagnetic and laser weapons, which, in addition to fighting enemy missiles, can be used to destroy spacecraft. This weapon is planned to be deployed on board the nuclear tug "Zeus".

In fact, we are talking about the first known case of placing powerful energy and electromagnetic weapons in the orbit of a planet, and, in this case, it is possible to achieve high efficiency in the fight against hypersonic weapons. Moreover, experts pay attention to the fact that, if necessary, the zone of destruction of electromagnetic weapons can be tens or even hundreds of kilometers, which makes it possible to fight enemy forces on the ground, for example: by disabling communications, radar, air defense systems and, in fact, any other electronic equipment.

“One shot from an electromagnetic gun can cover an area with a radius of several tens of kilometers, if not hundreds. It is very effective in terms of combating enemy forces, and when using laser weapons, the accuracy of strikes can be measured in a few centimeters with incredible destructive power. ", - the expert marks.

According to various estimates, the implementation of such a project may take 10-15 years.

Well, Darr Veter, that kind. Look at Efremov.

For more than 10 years, Roskosmos has not been able to implement a much simpler project of reusable reactive mass in orbit without limiting the fuel supply using a fundamentally new orbital technology named after the author "Shkulev's orbital technology." The project requires a maximum of 2 years. And the nuclear tug is just a fake.

Death Star in the Russian way under the direction of Gift of the Veter?

It is necessary to quote: to have the vaccine "Sputnik" its derivatives. After all, in 10-15 years they will not do anything. There are many Garin (and Tolstoy) engineers in the Russian Federation.

Russia will not place anything, it will not be able to do it

I would add that Russia will place nuclear-powered beam weapons in orbit, I heard about this at the end of the seventies, this weapon allows you to concentrate the flow of energy particles into a beam at a given point, which leads to the strongest destructive consequences. Also, Russia will place an orbital station of the Lego type, which can later be assembled into a giant non-criminal fortress with a permanent basing of reusable ships. Also, Russia will open permanent charter flights to these space objects for all interested tourists, but with the main condition, everyone must have a satellite vaccination.



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