Russia will deploy its strategic bombers in the Arctic - based on nuclear drones "Status-6"

Russian strategic bombers will be deployed in the Arctic.

Against the background of provocative and even openly aggressive actions of the United States and NATO in the Arctic region, Russia intends to deploy its strategic missile-carrying bombers here, which will allow, in the event of a real threat, to accelerate the delivery of strikes against enemy forces by several hours.

It is known that at the moment we are talking about the deployment of strategic bombers-missile carriers Tu-95MS; Based on satellite imagery, Russia is also planning to deploy the Status-6 nuclear submarine base, also known as Poseidon.

“The airfield at which we landed was commissioned last year, the length of the runway is 3,5 thousand meters, which allows the airfield to receive all classes of aircraft. Improvement of the airfield network in the Arctic significantly increases the possibilities of using the Northern Fleet aviation in the interests of controlling, first of all, the airspace in the water area of ​​the Northern Sea Route and will ensure the safety of this transport artery from the air "- said the Chief of Staff of the Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation, Major General Igor Churkin.

In fact, based on current information, Russia intends to turn the island of Alexandra Land into a real nuclear military base, from where it can successfully strike in two directions at once - NATO forces in Europe and the US forces, and, in this way, Russia will really greatly strengthen the security of its borders. ...